Fell for You | Podium Audio

Sunny Brook Farms

Fell for You

Book 2

By: Renee Harless

Performed by: Avery Reid, Tim Paige

Released: November 07, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 09 hr, 15 min

Running my sister’s bed-and-breakfast in our small town should have been a piece of cake.
Until I opened the door to our new guest and came face to face with the man I had a one-night stand with a year ago—and he was looking at me like I was a total stranger.
Nate Sullivan was fourteen years older than me and my brother’s best friend. Not to mention a billionaire CEO who looked just as good in well-worn jeans and a T-shirt as he did in a suit. And when he was with his girls? There was no way I couldn’t fall for him.
We both had tarnished pasts that kept our hearts out of the mix. But being with him gave me a confidence I didn’t know was missing.
It wasn’t until his twin daughters forced us to dance that we acted on our chemistry. Though it was explosive, our time together was limited. As the nights ticked away, we learned time wasn’t the only thing that worked against us.
Fell for You is book two in the Sunny Brook Farms series. Each one can be enjoyed as a complete standalone. Always an HEA!



Renee Harless

Renee Harless is a USA TODAY bestselling author with an affinity for wine and a passion for telling a good story. With her husband and children, they make their home in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. She studied Communication, specifically Public Relations, at Radford University. Growing up, Renee always found a way to pursue her creativity. It began by watching endless runs of White Christmas - yes even in the summer – and learning every word and dance from the movie. She could still sing "Sister Sister" if requested. In high school, she joined the show choir and a community theatre group, The Troubadours. After marrying the man of her dreams and moving from her hometown, she sought out a different artistic outlet – writing. To say that Renee is a romance addict would be an understatement. When she isn’t chasing her kids around the house, working her day job, or writing, she jumps headfirst into a romance novel.



Avery Reid



Tim Paige

Tim Paige is an audiobook narrator of over 250 titles with a passion for rom coms, superheroes, and telling stories that provide an escape from the world (or a new lens with which to view it). A former full-time touring musician, Tim has played on some of the biggest stages in the world. He is the voice of "The More You Know" on NBC, and has provided voice-over for many national commercials, promos, trailers, and video games. When he's not narrating audiobooks or voicing fun projects, you'll most often find him playing pretend with his two sons, shouting at the television during UFC fights, or cooking up tasty vegan treats.