Fierce King | Podium Audio

L.A. Ruthless

Fierce King

Book 1

By: Sadie Kincaid

Performed by: Charlotte Claremont, Gregory Salinas

Released: December 13, 2022

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 07 hr, 58 min

Today is my wedding day.
In a few breathless moments, I will be Mrs Alejandro Montoya.
He is the King of L.A. and everything a woman could want. Handsome, powerful, rich, and hotter than hell itself.
But I am not just any woman. I am Alana Carmichael and I’m only here to save my father. I will not bow to any king.
This is no fairy tale. This is my nightmare.
He is fierce and unyielding. I should hate him, but the way he looks at me makes me feel more alive than I’ve ever felt before. His touch sets my skin on fire.
As I uncover the secrets of our pasts, I discover that monsters are not always what they seem. Sometimes, the real monsters look like ordinary men.
_Fierce King _is a forced marriage, dark mafia romance. It is book one in the L.A. Ruthless series and features the Montoya crime family.



Sadie Kincaid



Charlotte Claremont



Gregory Salinas

Gregory Salinas is an award-winning narrator of over 275 audiobooks. With a background in theater and literature, he has developed an expressive sound that can be heard in his recent Audiobook Adrenaline Award-winning book, _The Havoc We Wreak, _Kristen Ashley's _Chasing Serenity, _and Audiobook Adrenaline Award nominee, _Broken Fighter.  _Gregory specializes in romance but has narrated many other genres as well.