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Filthy Bratva

Filthy Bratva

Book 1

By: Bella King

Released: August 22, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 05 hr, 56 min

Savva is a filthy bratva beast, as cruel as he is charming and as brutal as he is gorgeous.
When I took over my late father’s biker bar, I also took over the payments he was making to Savva, the leader of a powerful mafia family operating on the edge of Las Vegas. But Savva couldn’t be satisfied with money alone. He wanted more.
He spilled into my life like a dark, inescapable shadow, stealing my dignity and drowning me in his sin.
But his twisted promises and dark desires aren’t enough to convince me to fall for him. Neither are his whiskey kisses and his iron abs.
But there is something else, something that I’ve been hiding from him. Something that could finally push me over the edge and into his eternal possession.
I’m pregnant, and the baby is his.



Bella King

Bella King writes about passion, love, and the unusual situations that bring people together. Leaning toward the darker side of romance, Bella pulls no punches when delivering standout books that thrill and captivate readers.