Filthy Obsession | Podium Audio

Filthy Bratva

Filthy Obsession

Book 3

By: Bella King

Performed by: Bitsy Hill, Eric Umstott

Released: November 07, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 05 hr, 56 min

I was a rising star, a talented ballerina dead set on etching her name into dance history.
When a career-ending injury forced me to hang up my ballet slippers and put on my pink stiletto heels, I found myself trading my hard-earned talent for easy cash on the neon-lit fringes of society.
That’s where I met Zann, the paradoxical embodiment of my deepest dreams and most terrifying nightmares. A bitter beast wrapped in sticky-sweet promises and just about as filthy as a man can be.
Soon, the line between watching and wanting was blurred, and his obsession pulled me under. No amount of money and thrills could cover up the harsh reality of falling in love with a bratva boss…
People keep secrets, but pregnancy tests don’t lie.
_Filthy Obsession _is a standalone Russian mafia romance with a high heat level and a satisfying HEA.



Bella King

Bella King writes about passion, love, and the unusual situations that bring people together. Leaning toward the darker side of romance, Bella pulls no punches when delivering standout books that thrill and captivate readers.



Bitsy Hill



Eric Umstott