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Final Core

Final Core: Volume 2

Book 2

Performed by: Adam Verner

Released: April 11, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 15 hr, 3 min

[I died and was accidentally reborn as an angelic monstrosity, so now I’m building a holy dungeon-tower that is tall enough to reach the gods; so that I can complain about it! But the humans think that I am trying to destroy the world.]
The Tower of Isaiah grows in might; Its master flourishes much the same. Adventurers flock from around the nation to be able to reap the seeds that Isaiah has sown in the world, earning themselves much glory and wealth and, in turn, earning the divine entity, Isaiah, much renown.
However, this new glory is not without downsides. The Holy-Church, threatened by Isaiah’s presence in the world, begins to make moves alongside the cruel, strange Witch Perchta, who holds a deep resentment towards Isaiah for her misgivings about their past that she is unable to forgive.
As the tower grows taller and taller, moving to obscure the light of the sun from reaching the nearby human city, Isaiah’s gaze rises towards the heavens that it is closer than ever to reaching. Its long-term plan is finally coming to slow realization as the great work becomes revealed and the true nature of the tower is shown to the world and the heavens so that they might come to understand the truth of the situation they’re all in.
This world is no longer the gods’, as they are deemed to have abandoned it. Nor does it belong to humanity, which is unable to find its way forward alone without guidance. This world belongs to the governance of Isaiah, and it intends to make this abundantly clear to all those who would doubt its just cause.
The spirit world and the physical world begin to stretch and break as bridges that were never meant to be crossed are moved upon by the white-feathered spirit.
What will this all lead to? Is the world ready for the age of Isaiah, or is the entity wildly misgiving in its desires for peace amongst all living things it intends to bring before winter’s break?
Find out in the second installment of Final Core, written by renowned and trending fantasy author D.M. Rhodes!
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Adam Verner