Fire | Podium Audio

By: Charlene Hartnady

Performed by: Meg Price, Tristan James

Released: April 11, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 08 hr, 16 min

Fire is the third book in a series about monsters of all kinds. If you enjoy fated mates, forbidden romance, sassy heroines and swoon-worthy beast kings who are almost untamable, then this is the series for you.

A note from the author:

To avoid spoilers, I will not be writing a blurb for this book. If you have read Ruin, you will know that this next story is about Thor. He needs to protect his throne from a usurper but doesn’t realize that this is the least of his worries. I strongly suggest that you read the first two books of the series before picking this one up. It’s going to be fast-paced, steamy and forbidden…



Charlene Hartnady



Meg Price

Meg has been in a recording booth since she was in the womb. No Joke! Which lead to falling asleep in there listening to her parents say "Please Press 1 for..." over and over. She then pursued acting all through a specialized high school and two years of a BA degree. Got a little lost, but then again who doesn't in their early twenties? But she finally found her way back home to books and audiobooks. Combining her love for storytelling, acting, and a lifetime surrounded by audio work. Meg has over 100 titles under her belt!



Tristan James

Tristan James is an award-winning Voice Over Artist whose work has crossed over commercials, promos, and industrials; and now quite frequently as an award-winning narrator. He’s an extrovert caught in the world of imagination. A natural storyteller with smooth tones, unique inflection, clear diction, rich depth, and a love for accents that accomplishes to curl the toes of those listening. His greatest passion is telling stories through the eyes of others, and to do that every day for his growing number of listener is an exquisite joy of the highest proportions. He hails from the East, and now lives in the West.