Firefighter's Fake Fiancée | Podium Audio

Trinity Falls Sweet Romance

Firefighter’s Fake Fiancée

Book 5

By: Clara Pines

Performed by: Melanie Mendez, Roger Wayne

Released: December 26, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 05 hr, 50 min

His ring isn’t the only thing wrapped around her finger…
Ashton Beck has been in love with his best friend’s little sister forever, but Lucy was always off-limits. Now they’re both grown up, and he’s finally back home in small-town Trinity Falls, working his dream job as a firefighter. When he hears that her engagement has broken off, Ashton knows the time to declare his feelings has finally come.
But a tragic accident leaves Ashton suddenly caring for a toddler before he has a chance.
Becoming Kaylee’s dad is the best thing that has ever happened to Ashton. But changing diapers, preparing tiny meals, and trying to convince Kaylee’s social worker that he’s truly worthy of adopting the little one all keep him too busy to offer Lucy the fairytale romance he knows she deserves.
When a chance encounter around the holidays has him claiming to be her new fiancé, the wrong people hear about it, and the two decide they have no choice but to keep the ruse going. As their fake engagement becomes entangled with real feelings, even those who are in on the secret realize something more is happening.
Will the two open their eyes to the Christmas miracle that is right in front of them? Or will Lucy and Ashton be the last to know that the only people they are fooling with this fake engagement are themselves?
Firefighter’s Fake Fiancée is book five in Trinity Falls Sweet Romance, a series all about finding family one clean and wholesome romance at a time. You’ll lose yourself in these feel-good books celebrating love, family, and the very special small-town community of Trinity Falls.



Clara Pines

Clara Pines is a writer from Pennsylvania. She loves writing sweet romance, sipping peppermint tea with her handsome husband, and baking endless gingerbread cookies with her little helpers. A holiday lover through and through, Clara wishes it could be Christmas every day. You can almost always figure out where she has curled up to write by following the sound of the holiday music on her laptop!



Melanie Mendez

Melanie Mendez is an accomplished SAG AFTRA & AEA actor and voice actor with a love for narrating audiobooks. With a professional background in musical theater, Melanie is skilled with an abundant vocal range and a knack for diverse characterization. She excels in narrating women’s fiction, YA and NA fiction, and contemporary romance. 



Roger Wayne

Hi my name is Roger Wayne. I served in the military after community college in Minnesota, where I grew up. Started acting professionally in Minneapolis, where I got my BA degree, then moved to NYC, and have since completed nearly 300 audiobooks, and several co-star and guest-star roles on TV, including an upcoming one for a new show on Showtime coming out probably next year. Along with that I've been involved in several stage productions, short films, indie features, and on-camera/ voice commercials.