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Firefly Beach

Firefly Beach

Book 1

By: Meira Pentermann

Performed by: Donna Postel

Released: November 15, 2013

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 09 hr, 13 min

When Beth LaMonte rents a cottage on the coast of Maine, she wishes only to withdraw and paint.
A mysterious ball of light disturbs her peace and leads her to a secret beach where she finds the diary of a girl who disappeared in 1975. Now Beth is on a mission, not only to bury her own past, but to put to rest the spirit of Firefly Beach.
"Firefly Beach will keep you guessing as to what will happen next, right to the ending. Meira Pentermann pens her characters with style and believability which leaves you totally satisfied." (Reviewed by My Cozy Corner)



Meira Pentermann



Donna Postel