First to Fight | Podium Audio

The Empire’s Corps

First to Fight

Book 11

By: Christopher G. Nuttall

Performed by: Jeffrey Kafer

Released: February 23, 2016

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 10 hr, 38 min

Before Avalon, before the Fall of the Empire, Edward Stalker was a young man growing up in Earth’s Undercity – a nightmarish rabbit warren of tiny apartments dominated by gangs who loot, rape, and murder with impunity.
When his family is killed in a gang attack, Ed takes the opportunity to run to the one place that will take him: the Terran Marine Corps. But becoming a marine isn’t easy, and Ed will find himself pushed to the limits, surviving a training program designed to weed out everyone but the best before he learns what it means to be a Terran Marine….



Christopher G. Nuttall



Jeffrey Kafer