Five Rings of Cultivation | Podium Audio

Legend of Raven

Five Rings of Cultivation

Book 1

By: Konstantin Zaitsev

Performed by: Brian Nishii

Released: May 09, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 10 hr, 34 min

Learn the nature of the Rings of Power in your soul, and the call of blood will lead you in the fights against even the most powerful of demons!
Just yesterday, Ian Raven was a champion in Vale Tudo. His fighting spirit and the desire to win led him to the top of the fighting Olympus.
Having met death in battle, Ian made a deal with a mysterious entity wearing the mask of a demon and found himself in a new body and a new world.
A world that lives by old traditions. A world in which the law is the will of ruthless clans. A world with disturbed balance. A world hurtling toward the abyss.
A world in which he will have to overcome countless obstacles to become a champion again, walking the path of the Rings of Power and changing his destiny.
The Raven will spread his wings again!
There is no pain. There is no death. There is only the path and his will.



Konstantin Zaitsev



Brian Nishii