Fleeting Clouds | Podium Audio

Forsaken Immortals

Fleeting Clouds

Book 3

By: Tinalynge

Performed by: Victoria Mei

Released: September 27, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 08 hr, 28 min

Bai Rouyun continues her journey as she tries to figure out her purpose of rebirth. Was she merely lucky by stumbling across the Primal Chaos Pagoda, or was there something unknown hidden in the darkness?
Along the journey, Bai Rouyun is facing many difficult choices and tries to gain a deeper understanding of her purpose of living. Is revenge the most important, or is she willing to let go of the past and live for herself?
As she stumbles towards an answer, new and unknown knowledge appears that changes her entire view on her life, and the world in which she lives.






Victoria Mei