Foggy Vale Island | Podium Audio

Enora Unleashed

Foggy Vale Island

Book 2

Performed by: Sierra Kline

Released: August 16, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 08 hr, 51 min

After a journey across the Low Seas to rank up her Sailing skill, an epic quest drops into Kyra Bishop’s lap.
It could aid in her quest to avenge the death of her companion’s sister and dig deeper into the mystery of the Bonchu in Lau. But many have traveled to the notorious Foggy Vale Island, and none have returned to tell the tale.
Kyra must rally her allies and push herself to her limits to uncover the mysteries surrounding a missing sailor while learning more about the evil surrounding the disappearance of ships on the mysterious island instance.
_Foggy Vale Island _is the second book in the Enora Unleashed series, by the author of Enora Online and Enora Fireborne, Arlo Adams.



Sierra Kline

After decades of stage experience, Sierra Kline complements her storytelling expertise behind the mic with hundreds of audiobooks in diverse genres including Romance/Erotica, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Mystery, LitRPG, and Non-Fiction. An Independent Audiobook Award finalist, her classical voice training allows her to create varied and authentic characters, while her wide-ranging education and experience help her intelligently tackle advanced topics in a number of fields. When not performing, Sierra loves adventure and seeks it out on the hiking trail or in a game of D&D