Forbidden System | Podium Audio

Outworld Ranger

Forbidden System

By: David Alastair Hayden

Performed by: Peter Kenny

Released: August 27, 2019

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 06 hr, 17 min

Before he was the super confident, snarky AI saving Siv Gendin and his friends’ bacon on a regular basis, Silky worked with his first human companion, Eyana Ora, an Empathic Services agent.
This was the mission where it all began. Two centuries before the Fall of the Benevolence.
A simple covert mission to spy on the Krixis, a telepathic alien race, turns into a desperate bid to save mankind when Silky and Eyana uncover a plot to use a secret super-weapon. But the weapon, a lost piece of ancient technology, holds secrets that neither side expected – secrets that will reshape humanity’s future.



David Alastair Hayden



Peter Kenny