Fortitude | Podium Audio

By: Glynn Stewart

Performed by: Teri Schnaubelt

Released: October 05, 2021

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 09 hr, 33 min

An offer that no one else could match. A mission that no one else could achieve. An enemy only a few know they share…
Commodore Kira Demirci is now the commander of a small but powerful mercenary force – one of the most dangerous in the cluster of stars she now calls home. Her own actions have brought peace to the Syntactic Cluster, though, and a mercenary is in limited demand. A mutual interest brings her into the circle of the heir to the Royal Crest, a wealthy kingdom dozens of light-years away. Jade Panosyan has a nightmare brewing – and a plan to deal with it. In the Crest, a powerful political party beholden to Kira’s own enemies is maneuvering to remove Jade’s father before he can free a dozen star systems from the clutches of the Equilibrium Institute. If they are to fail and the Institute’s plans be thwarted once more, Jade Panosyan needs someone to complete an impossible mission. The payment? The fleet carrier Fortitude, unmatched by any ship within a hundred light-years. The catch? Kira Demirci has to capture the carrier – from the elite forces of her employer’s nation!



Glynn Stewart

Glynn Stewart is the author of Starship's Mage, a bestselling science fiction and fantasy series where faster-than-light travel is possible-but only because of magic. His other works include science fiction series Duchy of Terra, Castle Federation and Vigilante, as well as the urban fantasy series ONSET and Changeling Blood. Writing managed to liberate Glynn from a bleak future as an accountant. With his personality and hope for a high-tech future intact, he lives in Kitchener, Ontario with his wife, their cats, and an unstoppable writing habit



Teri Schnaubelt

Teri Schnaubelt is an actor and award-winning audiobook narrator of hundreds of titles, including #1 NYT best-selling book Right Behind You by Lisa Gardner, WSJ best-selling author Kendra Elliot’s Mercy Kilpatrick series, NYT best-selling author Mary Burton’s The Last Move and Good Booty: Love and Sex, Black and White, Body and Soul in American Music by NPR music critic Ann Powers. Her work spans many genres such as mystery/thrillers, romance, non-fiction, sci-fi, fantasy and others. She recently moved from the midwest to north Texas with her fiancé and three cats.