Fractured Shadows | Podium Audio

Fractured Shadows

Performed by: Brooke Daniels, Troy Duran

Released: May 30, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 10 hr, 30 min

Shadows save me. Shadows guide me. Shadows fracture me.
Our lands are fractured. They have been split into three since before my birth, but they were not always this way. Once, we prospered, magic filling our lands before it was locked away with_ _them: the monsters.
Now we suffer and starve even as our king grows stronger and richer. Then my sister is called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice. Unable to lose the one person I love, I take her place willingly, protecting her the only way I can.
My name is Cora Black, and I’m barely twenty years old when I’m sacrificed to the monsters. If only they knew that I crave the same darkness that lives within their monstrous facades. If only the king knew I am just as much a monster as them.



Brooke Daniels

Brooke Daniels is quickly becoming a rising star in the audiobook industry. As a romance storyteller and voice artist for some of the most popular romance authors out there, her signature husky raw tone makes her the perfect choice for the sexy flawed heroine. Recent titles have climbed to the top of the Audible charts, including one narration hitting number 7 for all of fiction books on Audible in 2020.



Troy Duran

Troy was made for loving you, baby. But his wife frowns on that, so he sticks to audiobooks, of which he’s recorded over 360 to date. You may have gathered by now that Troy is writing his own bio in third person. Why? Ego, maybe. Compensating, I don’t know. It IS a bit annoying if we’re being honest, but what are you gonna do? Anywhoo… If somebody were to narrate MY life’s story, I’d like it to be the guy from Forensics Files but with what I leave behind we’d have to settle for the guy who played the bait shop cashier in Ozark, and that’s cool too. Also, I like whiskey.