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Funny How It Works Out

By: Manon Mathews

Performed by: Manon Mathews

Released: November 17, 2020

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 06 hr, 3 min

For comedian and content creator Manon Mathews, comedy is life.

But it took more than luck for her hilarious antics on Vine to open the door to her career. It took years of routinely embarrassing herself, improv classes, some stints as an amateur stand-up comic, unrelenting dedication, and one life-altering night out that forced her to change her ways. This set her on the path to manifesting her dream life.

Making people laugh with hilarious skits isn’t the only way Manon chooses to be of service. She also shares nuggets of motivational and spiritual wisdom on social media as ManonFestation. Now, in hopes of helping others, Manon recounts her wackiest moments, most questionable decisions, lessons learned over the years, romantic tales, and the cinematic story of her marriage.
Manon aspires to help people learn lessons from their own journeys so that they, too, can grow from their pasts and manifest their best lives.



Manon Mathews



Manon Mathews