Ghoul as a Cucumber | Podium Audio

Grimdale Graveyard Mysteries

Ghoul as a Cucumber

Book 3

By: Steffanie Holmes

Released: June 18, 2024

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 09 hr, 23 min

You discover that the three hot AF ghosts who haunt your manor house are madly in love with you. What do you do?
a. Run away screaming.
b. Call a priest for an immediate exorcism.
c. Get a little kooky and spooky with all three of them…together…
I’m Bree Mortimer, and I chose option c. That’s right—me and my three ghosts are a thing now. I’m officially a #ghostslut, and I’m okay with it.
Now that I’ve discovered I possess resurrection magic, I might just be able to bring them back to life again. That is, if the dark priests of the Order of the Noble Death would stop raising serial killers from the dead to come after me. And if I can keep my parents and my ex-bully from discovering the truth about my ghostly powers.
Oh, and I should probably figure out why it’s impossible to admit that I have feelings for them. I want to jump their bones every second of the day, but when I try to say those three little words, I get seriously spooked.
How can you fall in love with someone when they’re already dead?
_Bree and her ghostly men are back for another spooky adventure in Ghoul As a Cucumber, book three of this darkly humorous cozy fantasy series by bestselling author Steffanie Holmes. If you love a sarcastic heroine, hot, possessive, and slightly unhinged ghostly men, a mystery to solve, and a little kooky, spooky lovin’ to set your coffin a rockin’, then quit ghouling around and start listening!_



Steffanie Holmes

Steffanie Holmes is the USA Today bestselling author of the paranormal, gothic, dark, and fantastical. Her books feature clever, witty heroines, secret societies, creepy old mansions and alpha males who always get what they want. Legally-blind since birth, Steffanie lives in New Zealand with her husband, a horde of cantankerous cats, and their medieval sword collection.