Gott Mit Uns | Podium Audio

Terran Strike Marines

Gott Mit Uns

Book 5

Performed by: Luke Daniels

Released: July 30, 2019

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 09 hr, 8 min

Terran Strike Marines fight for victory. No matter the odds. No matter the cost.
The final battle against the Kesaht begins.
Lieutenant Hoffman and the exhausted Marines of Valdar’s Hammer are called upon to make a desperate assault against the enemy’s home world. But the foe is prepared, and their planet is a death trap.
While the Strike Marines fight for their lives, the fabled ship Breitenfeld remains captured by the Ibarra Nation, and the Ember War hero Valdar languishes in a cell. The ship and her captain are held on a strange world of the Ibarra’s design, and only the Hammers can free them.
Hoffman and his Strike Marines have fought from the icy wastes of Koen, to the jungles of Eridu, and even deep into the heart of a shattered moon, but their final mission will demand a price in blood.
From the Dragon Award-winning, and Nebula Award-nominated Richard Fox and Scott Moon, Gott Mit Uns throws the Terran Strike Marines into the fight of their lives. 
The thrilling final installment in the Terran Strike Marines series.



Luke Daniels