Grand Design | Podium Audio

Grand Design

By: A. M. Parilla

Performed by: Vivienne Leheny

Released: February 28, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 23 hr, 40 min

Humanity once ruled space, building an empire that stretched across hundreds of stars.
Now, Earth is a cold cinder in the void, its colonies and ships annihilated in an instant. The surviving races have huddled in the dying light of those few stations for five thousand years. They’ve avoided total destruction to eke out their existence in the shadow of the long-dead humans who built their homes.
When a piece of that lost legacy resurfaces, the few who still remember humanity have one last opportunity to find the truth and avenge the fallen.



A. M. Parilla

I enjoy sharing stories of unique characters and worlds, and exploring them through text, art and discussion.



Vivienne Leheny

**Vivienne Leheny works in New York City and Los Angeles as an actress and professional voiceover artist. She’s narrated almost 200 titles and has delighted in narrating authors like David Weber, Elizabeth McCracken, and Jeff VanderMeer. Her narration of Lisa Unger’s _Confessions on the 7:45_ was a Best Mystery Finalist for the 2021 Audie Awards.** **She’s got a sweet spot for thrillers, military sci-fi, fantasy and adventure titles. And when she’s not narrating, she’s hiking or kayaking in remote locales, trying to avoid bears.**