Gray: The Complete Collection | Podium Audio

The Gray

Gray: The Complete Collection

Book 3

By: Lou Cadle

Performed by: Lauren Fortgang

Released: August 01, 2017

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 24 hr, 27 min

A dense black cloud boiled up in the southeastern sky.
It rose high and fast, like a time-lapse movie of the birth of a thunderhead. But it was no rain cloud. Wholly black, it reached up and up until it loomed over her, blocking out the sun. Somehow, she knew, it was Death coming for her.
Pre-med student Coral is on vacation in Idaho when something terrible happens. The black cloud is followed by a wildfire and searing heat that lasts for days. She survives deep in a cave but emerges days later to find the world transformed, with blackened trees, an ash-filled sky, and no living creatures stirring – except for her.
So begins her desperate journey to find water and food and other survivors…and the answer to the mystery of what happened.
Note: This is a combined edition of Gray IGray II, and Gray III.



Lou Cadle

Lou Cadle lives in the Midwestern USA. Convinced by writing post-apocalyptic books of the task's importance, Lou is working on food self-sufficiency. Under two pen names, Lou has written nearly 30 books.



Lauren Fortgang