Grimoires of London 1 | Podium Audio

Grimoires of London 1

Book 1

By: DB King

Performed by: Adam Stubbs

Released: April 11, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 12 hr, 29 min

A wizard’s mansion. A menagerie of magical creatures. One grimoire bonded to a seemingly ordinary young man from London.
When Joe Ramsey took a job in a quaint yet otherwise ordinary part of London, the last thing he expected to find was a house filled to the brim with magic. The peculiar man who called himself a wizard has now offered Joe a job. He’s to be caretaker to the magical creatures who live in the wizard’s house.
It’s not long, however, before Joe finds himself bonded with one such creature: a grimoire. Good thing, too, because if he’s going to ensure all the other creatures remain safe on the grounds, he’ll need to learn magic. And if there’s one thing the grimoire can teach him, it’s magic.
But the grimoire holds other secrets, ones the darker side of the supernatural world would do anything to uncover.



DB King



Adam Stubbs