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Guiding Emily

Guiding Emily: A Tale of Love, Loss, and Courage

Book 1

By: Barbara Hinske

Released: December 01, 2020

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 07 hr, 23 min

Sometimes the perfect partner has four paws….
Emily Main had it all: a high-powered career with a leading technology giant and a handsome fiance bounding up the corporate ladder. Their island wedding and honeymoon were idyllic, until a tragic accident causes her retinas to detach.
Her well-ordered life is shattered as all treatments are unsuccessful and she slips into blindness. How will those around her cope with her tragedy? Can she rebuild her life in this most unwelcome new normal?
Meanwhile, a black Lab puppy named Garth fulfills his destiny to become that most esteemed of all creatures: a guide dog.
Guiding Emily is a heartwarming tale of love, loss, and courage as Garth and Emily make their way to each other.



Barbara Hinske

BARBARA HINSKE is an attorney and novelist. She’s the author of the Rosemont series (women’s fiction) and the novels in her ‘Who’s There?’ collection (mystery/thriller/suspense). Her novella The Christmas Club was made into a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie of the same name starring Cameron Mathison and Elizabeth Mitchell (2019), and she feels like she’s living the dream.