Gunmetal Lily | Podium Audio

Mafia Wars

Gunmetal Lily

By: Rebecca Royce

Released: January 31, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 07 hr, 52 min

I was sold to my enemies; a deal made to keep the peace, but deals get broken all the time…
What did these powerful families have as collateral? Their daughters.
A decade earlier, they decided that we were expendable, that we could be sold in marriage to keep their dealings honest. I didn’t matter more than the security I could bring to the marketplace. I was twelve when they decided that, in ten years, I’d belong to the Hernandez family.
Everyone knew what was coming for me. Everyone…except me.
I have no choices. The daughter of mobsters, I now belong to the Mexican Cartel. But even the terrible images those words evoke are nothing compared to what is coming for me. My new family will discover I am more than just a pawn in their chess game. I’m named after a flower, but I don’t wilt.
I am determined to come out ahead in their Mafia Wars.
Gunmetal Lily is a reverse harem novel in the dark and twisted Mafia Wars world. It is recommended for mature listeners due to strong language, adult situations, and sensitive content.



Rebecca Royce

As a teenager, I would hide in my room to read my favorite romance novels when I was supposed to be doing my homework. I hope, these days, that my parents think it was worth it. ​ I am the mother of three adorable boys and I am fortunate to be married to my best friend. I live in Austin Texas where I am determined to eat all the barbecue in town. ​ I am in love with science fiction, fantasy, and the paranormal and try to use all of these elements in my writing. I've been told I'm a little bloodthirsty so I hope that when you read my work you'll enjoy the action packed ride that always ends in romance. I love to write series because I love to see characters develop over time and it always makes me happy to see my favorite characters make guest appearances in other books. ​ In my world anything is possible, anything can happen, and you should suspect that it will. ​ I'd love to hear from you! ​ Cheers!! Rebecca