Happily Ever Maybe? | Podium Audio

Calico Cove

Happily Ever Maybe?

By: Hailey Shore

Performed by: Samantha Brentmoor, Wayne Mitchell

Released: May 02, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 09 hr, 31 min

He’s the billionaire Beast of Calico Cove, and I’m his sacrificial lamb…I mean, his new employee.
Malcolm Bettencourt is a recluse with a nasty scar across his face and a bad attitude. He has a bone to pick with my family over a loan my dad can’t pay back, so to save our lobster business, I agree to be his live-in housekeeper and cook.
We have nothing in common, and there’s no reason to think he would want anything to do with someone like me. Except I can’t stop thinking about him, and he can’t stop looking at me.
This Beauty and the Beast retelling includes a grumpy hero, a sassy heroine looking to lose her v-card, and a Pretty Woman moment with a black Am-Ex. Oh, and an age-gap romance with someone who may or may not be her lobster.



Hailey Shore



Samantha Brentmoor

Samantha Brentmoor is an Iranian-American voice over actor raised in Kansas and based in New York. Her versatile voice has been bringing complex women and their love lives to life in audiobooks and videogames with over a hundred romance titles recorded to date. Samantha performs in other genres and v.o. styles under her real name. Ask nicely and she might tell you what it is. 



Wayne Mitchell

Wayne has been an actor all his life, was a founding member of the peer educating drama group _Teens Teaching Through Theater, _and competed on the Forensics (Speech) Team in high school and college at San Francisco State University. As an LA based (Meisner trained) actor of 20yrs, he's appeared in a dozen+ TV shows, loop grouped over a hundred episodes of TV & numerous movies, and in 2015 co-wrote/directed the independent feature film -available on Prime Video- called _SOLEDAD_. He brings versatility to any project, is comfortable with a variety of voices and accents, but most importantly he bring a knack for conveying the truth. Be that truth intergalactic in scope, or as intimate as Sunday brunch with a loved one.