Harbinger | Podium Audio

The Janus Harbinger


Book 1

By: Olan Thorensen

Performed by: Jonathan Davis

Realeased: March 02, 2021

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 25 hr, 41 min

Unconnected lives intersect in a bleak setting. Nothing will ever be the same.

Humanity lurches into an uncertain future, dismissive of warning signs. Only the most naïve believe humanity will step back from the brink. Yet in a place that doesn’t exist, a riddle, a puzzle, hope, fear, danger, salvation – all come together.

Zach Marjek has faced death in the far corners of the Earth and survived where others have failed. Now, he’s thrust into an unimaginable situation where jaded mercenaries, an Inuit wanderer, a murderous Yupik, a young mother, a video game designer, a retired general, a new president, a Chinese marine, and mathematics prodigies must come together. Their lives and fates intertwine to revolve around a mystery with consequences that could range from disaster to salvation.

As the mystery unravels, a danger unbeknownst to the players lurks and prepares to take what cannot be taken. The future – and life⁠ – hang by the thinnest of threads.

Harbinger (def.): Something that foreshadows or initiates a major change.



Jonathan Davis

Jonathan Davis was inducted into Audible's Narrator Hall of Fame in 2017. He has narrated over 500 audiobooks, a variety of bestsellers and award-winners, including over 50 titles for the Star Wars franchise. He is a multiple recipient of the Audie Award, presented by the APA for excellence in audiobook narration. He has earned accolades for his narration from The New York Times, Publisher's Weekly, USA Today, and AudioFile Magazine.