Harvest of Souls | Podium Audio

Soul Force Saga

Harvest of Souls

Book 3

By: James Wisher

Performed by: Vikas Adam

Released: May 23, 2017

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 11 hr, 21 min

The capital lies in ruins and Damien is no closer to finding Connor Blackman.
Now word has come Damien’s invincible father has fallen in battle. Damien and Jen set aside everything to hunt down the monster responsible.
Meanwhile in the haunted lands, Connor is busy building an army of unstoppable soldiers.
With Connor and Damien on a collision course, Jen and a handful of allies struggle to hold the pass that separates the kingdom from the haunted lands.
Sorcerer vs. Warlock. Warlord vs. Demon. Will the kingdom survive or will Connor harvest their souls for his infernal master?
Everyone’s fate will be revealed in the thrilling finale of The Disciples of the Horned One trilogy.



James Wisher



Vikas Adam