He Who Fights With Monsters 8: A LitRPG Adventure | Podium Audio

He Who Fights with Monsters

He Who Fights With Monsters 8: A LitRPG Adventure

Book 8

Performed by: Heath Miller

Released: December 13, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 18 hr, 12 min

After a much longed-for reunion, Jason Asano works on moving past old traumas as he looks to a brighter future.
Despite warnings of danger that awaits him, he gets back in the saddle as an adventurer, ready to tackle new challenges.
But as enemies that have lurked in the background start moving into the light, those challenges are not hard to find.
Jason and his friends don’t wait passively; they use schemes of their own to take the fight to the enemy. His companions find themselves plunged into dangerous missions and confronted with enemies both personal and unexpected.
Jason will push new boundaries, and while it comes at a cost, it will move him deeper into the realms of cosmic power.



Heath Miller