Head Above Water | Podium Audio

Head Above Water

By: CE Ricci

Performed by: Michael Dean, Zachary Johnson

Released: March 01, 2022

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 12 hr, 23 min

That’s the thing about hearts – like waves, they break too. Grief.
I’ve never battled with the raw, debilitating pain that comes with it. Then a twist of fate hits me out of nowhere, and I can barely keep from drowning. It’s like weights tied to my ankles in the middle of a raging ocean. I’m helpless, with no way to swim back to the surface. But fate is crueler still, bringing my stepbrother back for the first time in years.
Cannon never wanted this family. Especially me. Still, he’s always been my greatest desire. And my biggest weakness. He’s unattainable. Straight, engaged, and with a seemingly perfect life on the other side of the country. It’s something I’d do well to remember, yet when he stays, it’s so easy to forget. In finding solace together, we mend what once was broken.
This loss bonds us. Changes us. He’s become more than a brother or a lover. He’s my anchor. So how am I supposed to keep my head above water when I’ll eventually lose him too?
_Head Above Water _is a stand-alone, full-length MM enemies-to-lovers stepbrother romance novel.



CE Ricci

CE Ricci is living her best life writing steamy kissing books, and spending every free moment exploring colorful Colorado with her husband and two dogs.



Michael Dean

Michael Dean's voice can be heard working with many amazing LGBTQIA+ voices including Lucy Lennox, Sloane Kennedy, Garry Michaels, Lane Hayes, Riley Hart, and many more. With a masters degree in performance from the University of Missouri-Kansas City and a background in stage performance in Shakespeare and other classical works, Michael has spent the past few years focusing on voice performance, bringing over 600 audio books to life across several genres. Michael is honored to be entrusted by so many amazing authors with their words and blessed to have the support of so many incredible listeners.



Zachary Johnson

A performer from a young age, Zach has translated a lifelong love of accents, impressions, characters, and acting into a thriving career in audiobooks. With over 100 titles to his name or one of his pseudonyms, and training in stage acting, vocal performance, narration, and even mathematics lecturing from some of the best in the business, Zach has brought books both fiction and nonfiction, spanning virtually every genre to life. When he’s not narrating, you can find him performing standup comedy, deep into an epic campaign of Dungeons and Dragons, memorizing mathematical proofs, and expanding his considerable repertoire of dad jokes.