Heart's Prisoner | Podium Audio

Dark World Mates

Heart’s Prisoner

Book 1

By: Olivia Riley

Performed by: Maxine Mitchell

Released: April 20, 2021

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 10 hr, 1 min

He’s not like anything Lana has ever encountered.
Asset X: Massive, deadly, and a little terrifying to say the least. A devilish warrior, and a killer. Captured on a hellish world after attacking a military campsite and now imprisoned in a state-of-the-art cell inside one of the military’s top bases, Lazris. Lana has been assigned to "study" him; to learn his secrets and gain his trust, if he is ever allowed to set foot out of his cell. As a top behaviorist, it is the biggest hurdle of her career. 
Asset X – or Xerus as he is called – won’t give up his secrets easily. He is difficult, elusive, and dare she say, unfathomably alluring…despite his seething demeanor and hard, frightening physique. Something subconsciously draws her to him. Something wildly irresistible. Even if his wicked smile and needful gaze could just be a ploy to win her trust and escape his cell. She shouldn’t think of him like that. He is an alien after all. And possibly their enemy. 
Xerus claims he is on a mission. A mission to destroy. And he cannot afford to fail. If he dares let Lana get close, dares open his cold heart to her, she could compromise everything. 
This book contains heated intimate scenes and some violence. It is intended for mature listeners.



Olivia Riley

Olivia Riley loves writing about dark worlds teeming with ferocious heroes and brave heroines who fall for them. She loves sci-fi, horror, fantasy, and all things alien. She is also a gamer, reader, and film nut.



Maxine Mitchell

After graduating the Actor’s Training Program at Solano College in 1999, Joshua has performed throughout Northern California garnering Sacramento Area ‘Elly’ and ‘Arty’ Awards for his stage work and ‘Audio Book Obsession’ Awards for his work behind the microphone. He discovered audiobook narration in 2015 and hasn’t spent a day away from the studio ever since. He is an accomplished musician, writer, satirist, and can solve a Rubik’s Cube in under five minutes. Which is really impressive if you’re not his teenage son; who can do it much much . . . much much faster.