Her Vagabond Heart | Podium Audio

The Rivers Brothers

Her Vagabond Heart

Book 2

By: Mary Waterford

Released: June 11, 2024

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 09 hr, 5 min

What happens when a fiery, punk rock chick meets a broody, cold-hearted, billionaire music mogul?
I’m Stefania Moretti, and I’m hellbent on making it big with my band, Boudica. But when I meet Grayson Rivers, everything implodes.
After one sizzling night together, he offers the opportunity I’ve been desperately chasing—a dream recording contract for Boudica. The catch? He assumes I used my body to land the deal. Asshole.
Even though I’m utterly devastated, I can’t let my band down. I sign the contract, tying me to Grayson for the rest of my goddamn life.
Then, just as Boudica’s star begins to rise, I get seriously sick. It turns out my best chance for recovery is a stint at Grayson’s luxury beach house. Not a recipe for disaster or anything, right? Except, as I get to know the man beneath the suit, things start to change between us.
Can the guy who shattered my heart prove he’s worthy of my trust and love? Or is it too late for this punk singer and broody billionaire to overcome our differences for a shot at forever?



Mary Waterford