Her Way | Podium Audio

Kids of The District

Her Way

Book 3

By: Nicci Harris

Performed by: Sofia Lette

Released: December 20, 2022

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 11 hr, 19 min

I’m a medical resident, engaged, and settled. Just when I thought I was happy, he turns up on my operating table with a bullet wound in his chest.
And all the love and devastation we shared darkens my perceived happiness.
Bronson Butcher. My high school obsession. We were desperately in love until I made a mistake that severed our shared heart.
So when he wakes up in the hospital and hears my voice, he stalks me down the corridor. He pins me to the wall and inhales me as though starving…
But he’s not that wild boy anymore. No._ _He’s a ruthless man who takes what he wants, and what he wants is to punish me for running from him, remind me how my body hums beneath his—
What he wants is to take me back to his city with or without my consent.
Her Way features a possessive and dirty-talking hero who may be a little crazy, as well as a fiery and determined heroine. Both main characters are possessive, jealous, and fight for each other. HEA guaranteed.
_Her Way _is book three in the Kids of The District Series. You can listen to it as a standalone, but for the best experience, listen to Our Thing and Cosa Nostra before this book.



Nicci Harris

Aussie! Mother! Make-believer! Romance lover! Nicci writes real love stories for dark souls.



Sofia Lette

Sofia is an Audie nominated narrator also working professionally on stage and screen as an actor and singer. An Australian native, she specializes in accents and dialects throughout the UK, Europe, and US. Her sound is youthful yet authoritative, warm yet gritty; her naturalistic reads showing a musicality that brings stories and characters to life. In addition to her extensive theatre training, she holds a degree in psychological science, deepening her fascination with and knowledge of the human psyche.