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Heroic Bunny Saga

Heroic Bunny Saga

Book 2

By: Richard J. Hansen

Performed by: Reba Buhr

Released: January 18, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 16 hr, 16 min

The world is in peril and fate needs a hero to save it. Sometimes, all fate gets is a bunny.
She is a dungeon creature bound by the rules of the dungeon. Her job is to do bunny things, like eat and hop, and eventually fall prey to larger creatures. A bunny need do nothing more. However, she cannot help herself. Everyday as adventurers pass through the cave that she calls home, she sees them wielding strange and fascinating magic but more importantly…she hears them talking.
Their words are wonderful, and she learns as many of them as she can while trying to ignore the epic tragedy of her life.
She is just a bunny, and there is no way that a bunny could ever be like an adventurer, no matter how many words she knows.
This story is inspired by Dungeon Core and litRPG/gamelit.



Richard J. Hansen



Reba Buhr