High and Hopeless | Podium Audio

Worthless Boys

High and Hopeless

Book 2

By: Bailey Nicole

Performed by: Winston James

Released: October 04, 2022

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 05 hr, 47 min

In my head, I see _him. _My very straight best friend. The one I will never have.

I’ve never felt like I fit in, but that changed the day I met him. Liam West. He was larger than life, even back when we were kids. He protected me from every awful thing life threw at me, but somewhere along the way my fascination with him turned into something _more. _Something filled with pain. I’ve tried to put distance between us, but it never works.
Liam will never let me get too far from him. All I can do is stay high enough to forget the hopelessness of it all.

Getting my life together hasn’t been easy. I work hard and take care of the people I care about, but the one person who matters the most is pulling away from me. My longest and only best friend. He’s becoming more and more self-destructive, and he expects me to turn the other cheek. Not happening. 
Teddy has always needed me, and I’m starting to realize I might need him just as much, if not more.

High and Hopeless is book two in the Worthless Boys trilogy, a NA friends-to-lovers MM romance. It can be read as a standalone.



Bailey Nicole

Bailey is an LGBTQ+ romance writer who likes to write about the grittier side of love. She grew up in South Florida, which is why her books tend to take place there, but currently lives in Michigan with her fiancé. Most of her free time is spent chasing her two children around, binge watching anime, and aimlessly scrolling on her phone. ​ Although Bailey is a social recluse, she does love engaging with her readers through social media, so feel free to reach out to her.



Winston James

Winston has been narrating books for a little over a year now. In his short time narrating he has amassed over 15 titles under his belt, as well as a 2022 Audie Nomination. He has narrated books in the genres of Romance, Erotica, Self-Help, Poetry, and Autobiographies. Winston is a classically trained actor and loves to spend his free time learning spanish and playing his guitar.