His Demands | Podium Audio

Billionaire Alpha

His Demands

Book 1

By: Ali Parker

Performed by: Joe Arden

Released: January 10, 2017

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 08 hr, 25 min

From best-selling author Ali Parker comes a billionaire alpha romance series that is sure to leave you fanning yourself and begging for more.
His wants. His needs. His demands. Your pleasure. You’re welcome.
Bethany had one more year of school left, and once again, poverty struck hard. The only option would be to encourage her mother to marry her new boyfriend Kent, a billionaire tycoon in the world of accounting. Mom is more than happy to move the wedding date up, and Bethany’s soon-to-be-stepfather is willing to pay for her schooling – on one condition: she works for his firm as an intern throughout the next year.
She agrees without hesitation, but little does she know that Kent’s oldest son, Damon, is the CFO. Dark features and a stare that would melt panties, he’s everything one might imagine of a billionaire’s spoiled alpha son, her new boss. Her billionaire boss plays lots of games and though she hates herself for it, Bethany is more than yearning for the chance to fulfill his needs.
18+ for explicit sexual content, language, and possible violence.



Ali Parker



Joe Arden

Lisa is a lover of words, wisdom, cats, and space. At the intersection of serious & fun, she is a high school dropout with BAs in Philosophy and English. Life before narration involved lots of research, real estate, lawyers, and computers. After being raised in Mississippi on a cattle farm and living in St. Louis, Missouri a spell, she now lives in a log cabin in the mountains of North Carolina. She collects esoteric knowledge, dragons, & gnomes and is a Stoic pagan with hedonistic tendencies.