Hope's Delta | Podium Audio

Delta Team Three

Hope’s Delta

Book 5

By: Riley Edwards

Performed by: Savannah Peachwood, Troy Duran

Released: October 26, 2021

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 06 hr, 59 min

Hope Mitchell lived her life on the outskirts; no attachments, no friends, no family. All of this by design.
She knew the pain that came when you lost someone who meant something to you. She’d sworn off men long ago; the last time she fell in love she invited the devil into her heart, and she lost, huge. That was to say, she knew better than to let the larger-than-life Delta Force operator into her life. Hope recognized the risk, but Beau promised he would fight for her, which he did, until he left her more broken than he found her.
Beau "Jangles" Talbot promised himself he wouldn’t fall for a woman while he was still in the Army. He’d seen it too many times before—a good woman getting worn down by the demands of being a military wife. But when he meets the gorgeous bartender Hope Mitchell, he does the unthinkable and falls in love. Then, his worst nightmare comes to fruition and Hope is thrown into a dangerous situation because of him and his teammates. One mission—five women—everything is on the line. Jangles and his teammates have one shot at getting it right, one chance at extraction, or every man on his team loses the woman they love.
Hope’s Delta is the fifth book in the Delta Team Three series. Each book is a stand-alone, with no cliff-hanger ending.



Riley Edwards

Riley Edwards is a USA Today and WSJ Bestselling author, wife, and military mom. She writes heart-stopping romance with sexy alpha heroes and even stronger heroines.



Savannah Peachwood

**SAVANNAH PEACHWOOD** is an Audie nominated and award-winning romance audiobook narrator & love lover. She has narrated hundreds of audiobooks for bestselling authors. She was raised in the South and now lives in the big city. She loves sweet tea, salty humor, and spicy books.



Troy Duran

Troy was made for loving you, baby. But his wife frowns on that, so he sticks to audiobooks, of which he’s recorded over 360 to date. You may have gathered by now that Troy is writing his own bio in third person. Why? Ego, maybe. Compensating, I don’t know. It IS a bit annoying if we’re being honest, but what are you gonna do? Anywhoo… If somebody were to narrate MY life’s story, I’d like it to be the guy from Forensics Files but with what I leave behind we’d have to settle for the guy who played the bait shop cashier in Ozark, and that’s cool too. Also, I like whiskey.