House in Hiding | Podium Audio

Uncertain Sanctuary

House in Hiding

Book 2

By: Jenny Schwartz

Performed by: Tess Irondale

Released: November 22, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 06 hr, 25 min

Reality’s newest sorcerer doesn’t want trouble, but it finds her anyway.
Just when Kira thinks she is getting a handle on what it means to be a sorcerer, the Emperor calls and drops a bundle of trouble in her lap. And he’s not the only one.
For a woman intent on protecting her privacy, a whole lot of people seem to know how to contact Kira to draw her into their problems. But when one of those problems involves saving children’s lives, how can Kira refuse to help?
Magic is misbehaving across Reality and Kira sets out to discover why. Her allies stand ready to help—and hinder—as she traverses the paths of Reality in a House, which is developing its own quirky personality.
House In Hiding is a compelling and original fantasy novel of multiple worlds and beguiling mystery in the tradition of Ursula Le Guin and Diana Wynne Jones.



Jenny Schwartz

After a varied career working as an alien spacecraft engineer, a time traveler and a cryptid wrangler – and since no one would believe her stories were true – Jenny Schwartz now self-identifies as a novelist. She lives in Australia and her hobbies include earworm hexing and chocolate connoisseurship.



Tess Irondale