How to Find Zodiac | Podium Audio

How to Find Zodiac

By: Jarett Kobek

Performed by: Scott Brick

Released: April 04, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 10 hr, 23 min

Dear Reader,
This is not the Zodiac speaking.
The one thing that I ask of you is this: please read this book. It is called How to Find Zodiac.
Being that this book is about the Zodiac, it offers a new suspect. The theory is probably correct. At the moment, the theory is unproven. But the idea is a bomb waiting to go massive. Can you see the flaws in the hunting method, or will you just agree and say, ‘case closed’?
Either way, one thing is true: Zodiac can never look and seem the same after you read this book.
It was written by Jarett Kobek.

How to Find Zodiac includes an exclusive interview between author Jarett Kobek, true crime aficionado Rebecca Lavoie, and host of True Crime Obsessed, Patrick Hinds. This title encourages you to forget everything you think you know about the infamous killer as it reinvestigates what’s possible within the case and poses a new suggestion of who’s to blame.
Founder of the Obsessed Network and co-host of the True Crime Obsessed podcast, Patrick Hinds, agrees that the true Zodiac killer is probably revealed in Jarett Kobek’s How to Find Zodiac. A mystery that has been at the forefront of American culture for decades, the title will continue to be a large topic of discussion on the True Crime Obsessed podcast and will be a featured panel at Obsessed Fest this fall. Any fans of true crime will be instantly hooked to learn who the real Zodiac most likely is.



Jarett Kobek



Scott Brick