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Hungry Dungeon

Hungry Dungeon

Book 1

Performed by: Maeve York

Released: August 01, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 08 hr, 28 min

As a knight of Talin and adventurer, Fortuna had been fully committed to living in two worlds in order to serve the country and its people.
When unexpected disaster strikes, she finds herself on the brink, only to be saved by a mysterious butler who offers her a trade: the monster she’d killed in exchange for a meal. With nothing to lose, she accepts.
The young knight finds herself invited into a magical dungeon that can appear anywhere at any time, where the patrons are served meals hunted by their own hand. Revived by the meal made from her own hunt, Fortuna learns the rules of this place and joins hands with other patrons from across the continent for the sake of food.
Meanwhile, in the real world, the young knight must grapple with those who pushed her to the brink and the family name she had run from for so long.
_Hungry Dungeon _takes place in the same world as Bio Dungeon and The Slime Dungeon and can be enjoyed without having listened to the other series. This story contains LitRPG and GameLit mechanics, Dungeon Core elements including dungeon construction and defense, and Magical Recipes. Contains no harems and no sexual content.



Maeve York

My name is [Jeannie Sheneman](, also known as [Maeve York]( I am a classically trained actor and graduate from the University of Michigan theatre program. I am also trained in audiobook narration by some of the top professionals in the industry. Between myself and Maeve, we have recorded over 50 audiobooks, the main genres being; all kinds Romance, from RomCom to Dark Romance, Suspense/Thriller and Paranormal Fantasy. Shapeshifter, paranormal, and omegaverse romance are some of the top genres I work in. Please check out [Maeve York's Featured Releases Page on her website]( to see the titles I have done recently and to hear samples. such as [Psycho Shifter]( by Jasmine Mas, and [Lilacs and Leather]( by Thora Woods, both omegaverse novels. As Jeannie, I have just finished recording [Pack of Secrets,]( by Amara Mae, also a shapeshifter novel. (out on audio soon!) and [Greta and the Goblin King](, by Chloe Jacobs, a fantasy romance/suspense novel.