Imp and the Beast | Podium Audio

The Shadow Imp Series

Imp and the Beast

Book 1

By: Stephanie Hudson

Performed by: Maeve York

Released: June 13, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 06 hr, 52 min

Hell. Just do your time, they said. It will be easy, they said. What’s a hundred years sentenced to prison in Hell?
Well, I can tell you, for an Imp like me, it was a pretty long time.
Like most Imps, I am a mischievous sort, and that tends to annoy people, said people like the prison guards. Which meant that my time in Hell had just gotten a lot more complicated. I was about to receive the type of punishment no living soul had ever come back from. Not a single one had ever survived.
I was about to become a snack for the most dangerous beast in all of Hell. The only one that gave even the Devil nightmares.
Only I would soon find he didn’t intend to eat me at all. No, instead he decided—he was keeping me.
Imp and the Beast is intended for mature listeners.



Stephanie Hudson



Maeve York

My name is [Jeannie Sheneman](, also known as [Maeve York]( I am a classically trained actor and graduate from the University of Michigan theatre program. I am also trained in audiobook narration by some of the top professionals in the industry. Between myself and Maeve, we have recorded over 50 audiobooks, the main genres being; all kinds Romance, from RomCom to Dark Romance, Suspense/Thriller and Paranormal Fantasy. Shapeshifter, paranormal, and omegaverse romance are some of the top genres I work in. Please check out [Maeve York's Featured Releases Page on her website]( to see the titles I have done recently and to hear samples. such as [Psycho Shifter]( by Jasmine Mas, and [Lilacs and Leather]( by Thora Woods, both omegaverse novels. As Jeannie, I have just finished recording [Pack of Secrets,]( by Amara Mae, also a shapeshifter novel. (out on audio soon!) and [Greta and the Goblin King](, by Chloe Jacobs, a fantasy romance/suspense novel.