Inferno | Podium Audio

The Frozen Flame


Book 4

By: Paul J. Bennett

Performed by: Tim Bruce

Released: October 12, 2021

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 10 hr, 56 min

Is nowhere safe?
Athgar and Natalia have everything they have ever dreamed of – family, friends, and a place to call home. When Athgar’s long-lost sister unexpectedly walks into the village, he feels as if life is complete, but not everyone trusts her.
Ebenstadt, abandoned by the Temple Knights after their defeat, now suffers under the control of a ruthless despot who uses thugs to enforce his will. To complicate matters even more, the neighboring Kingdom of Novarsk is looking on with greedy eyes, eager to expand its borders.
Left behind in the city, Stanislav is accosted by a trio of strangers intent on contacting his friends. He must quickly decide if these are agents of the family or if a new threat has emerged before he acts. With echoes of unrest reverberating throughout the region, it would only take a tiny spark to ignite a war. Can the flame be extinguished before it erupts into an inferno?
Return to a land brimming with magic, strife, and secrets as Athgar and Natalia continue their adventures in Paul J Bennett’s fourth installment of The Frozen Flame series, Inferno!



Paul J. Bennett

Paul's interest in writing started with his first experience playing D & D (Dungeons & Dragons). He loved the ability to create new worlds and adventures that pulled his gaming groups into his stories. Fast forward to today, where he uses that same imagination to create Eiddenwerthe, the fantasy world that all his series are set in. With many more books planned, Paul looks forward to sharing all his stories with his readers.



Tim Bruce