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Innocence Claimed

Innocence Claimed Omnibus

Book 3

By: Madison Faye

Performed by: Aiden Snow

Released: July 10, 2018

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 09 hr, 50 min

Innocence Claimed contains all three books in the sweet, filthy, and oh-so-wrong in the best kind of way Innocence Claimed series.
His Little Bad Girl, book 1:
Her name is Tempest Kensington. She’s never been touched. She’s my student; I’m her headmaster. But I want to know how sweet she tastes when she’s claimed for the first time. Screw the consequences. I know I’m blurring the lines, but I. Do. Not. Care. Tempest Kensington is a grade-A brat. And she’s about to get a very thick, very firm dose of my discipline – over my knee and on hers.
Barely appropriate. Entirely off-limits. My ruin, in a plaid skirt and knee-high socks. It’s time for this little tease to learn exactly what happens to bad girls who look for trouble.
Tempting Daddy’s Boss, book 2:
An angel like little Lyra Worthington has no business being anywhere near a cold, calculating monster like me. But she’s been mine since the second she poured herself into my world. And now, I’m never letting her go.
I know she’s off-limits. I know she’s too young for me, and too innocent, and too untouched. But I bet she tastes like heaven and feels like sin, and tonight, I plan on finding out how right I am.
Paying the Debt, book 3:
Some people call me a demon – a bad bad man who does very bad things. They’re not wrong. But that’s before she falls into my life – the too pure, too innocent, too untouched Skye Jensen. She’s too good for a filthy mafia king like me, but my interest has turned to obsession.
The piece of garbage who put her up as collateral at a card game he couldn’t win never deserved her anyways. And now she’s mine. All of her. I’ll be a ruthless monster to the rest of the world, but never to her. I’ll fight the whole damn world to keep her safe. Because what’s mine is mine. Forever.
If you’re looking for something wildly dirty, not really grounded in reality, and safe, this one’s for you! Utterly obsessed alpha hero, sassy, untouched heroine, and insta-love, smut, and sugary-sweetness galore. HEA with no cheating.



Madison Faye



Aiden Snow

**Aiden Snow** is a romance and erotica narrator who has been called "the crown prince of audio romance." His rich baritone has garnered a solid fan base and has allowed him to range from paranormal romance to military romance, from "motorcycle bad boy" to "boardroom dom." To him, every romance is true love, and every erotic romance is true desire.