Insolent | Podium Audio

Crimson Elite


Book 4

By: T.L. Smith

Performed by: Rock Engle, Summer Roberts

Released: October 08, 2019

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 05 hr, 53 min

Love had cut me in so many ways I wondered if my heart could take any more.
But then I saw him. He was my boss. A single father. 
And to top it off he was insolent. 
I didn’t intend to want him, that wasn’t my objective. But somehow I couldn’t say no. 
We shouldn’t have worked, but like witchcraft, I was under his spell. 
My heart’s been destroyed before. I’m not sure it can handle heartbreak again.



T.L. Smith



Rock Engle

Rock Engle is a narrator of Romance/Erotica titles. Charming, sexy and gruff when necessary. With almost 100 titles to date, Rock is admired for his sultry tones while never being shy to demonstrate his sensitive side. He understands his physical skills, but isn’t afraid to let a willful partner take control. A versatile storyteller with accent proficiency.



Summer Roberts

Summer Roberts, is a New England born, New York City based audiobook narrator of over one hundred titles. Working for major publishers such as Tantor, Podium, and Audible Studios, as well as for hot (pun intended!) indie authors like Pippa Grant and Lexi Ryan, Summer won an Audie Award for Jasinda Wilder’s _Alpha_, and was an Audie Finalist for the sequel, _Beta_. When not in the booth, Summer can be found writing her own rom coms, baking gluten free treats, or curling up with her cats and a glass of rosé. She first fell in love with romance after reading a Nora Roberts book on vacation in Maine, and giving voice to her favorite genre is definitely her HEA. For more information on her solo narration as well as dual/duet projects with Tyler Donne, please visit [](