Intensive Bear Unit | Podium Audio

Griz Mountain Shifters

Intensive Bear Unit

Book 2

By: P. Jameson

Released: October 17, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 03 hr, 37 min

These bear shifters had one rule: the first to mate becomes alpha. Now that’s done, and the rules have changed. If they don’t find their fated mate by the full moon, they could be lost to their inner beasts forever. Let the mating frenzy begin!
Hawthorn never saw himself as the mating type. In fact, he’s spent a lifetime keeping females away from his clan for their own safety. But now they have an alpha, and others will come. His people need him now more than ever, and that means he must take a mate himself. Ready or not, he accidentally finds her when brawling lands him in a human hospital. Sassy, smart, and so pretty, he can’t ignore his bear’s claim.
He knows they’re fated; she needs convincing.
Her difficult past keeps her from trusting him, and on a scale of one to grumpy, she’s got him beat. He knows there’s more to the jaded nurse who makes his pants tight and his heart want things he never thought he could have. He sees the tenderness she tries to hide when she looks at him, the way she craves more. He’s ready to give her everything. He’ll need to lower his defenses to get past hers and show her that when it’s right, falling in love doesn’t mean falling alone.



P. Jameson

P. Jameson is a USA Today Bestselling author who likes to spend her time daydreaming and rearranging those dreams into heartstring-pulling stories of trial and triumph. Paranormal is her jam, so you're sure to find said stories full of hot alpha males of the supernatural variety who fall hard for their women. She lives next door to the great Rocky Mountains with her husband, kids, and a dog who thinks he’s a human.