Into the Breach | Podium Audio

Rise of the Republic

Into the Breach

Book 7

Performed by: Jonathan Davis, Scott Aiello

Released: May 16, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 11 hr, 50 min

The peace was shattered, and the Republic burned. Was there any hope?
When the war ended, the Zodark spies—the Mukhabarat—were dispatched to find Earth and to map Sol, the heart of the Republic. Upon its discovery, a plan was hatched, a fleet was formed, a superweapon was created, and nothing would be the same.
The calm had been breached. A new war began.
When a momentary rip in space-time appeared, a hostile fleet emerged. The Zodarks’ superweapon caught the Republic by surprise. As they approached Earth, the invasion force had a final obstacle to overcome—the vaunted yet untested planetary defense system. Would it hold?
Viceroy Miles Hunt had one chance, one final roll of the dice. Could he rally a disjointed fleet in time to save the Republic?
Meanwhile, Dr. Katō Sakura found something. Could the answers to the demise of the Humtars be the key to developing a weapon to stop the Collective?
Facing a total collapse of Earth’s defense, Admiral Halsey made a final move, sacrificing the queen to protect the king. But was it too little, too late?
The fleet had been shattered. Then a wormhole appeared—and the course of humanity changed forever.
You’ll love this continuation of the Rise of the Republic saga because the layers of the story keep unraveling like an onion. Is this Earth’s final stand, or will humanity depend on its newly built colonies for survival? Find out in book seven of this incredible military science-fiction thriller.



Jonathan Davis



Scott Aiello