Isolation | Podium Audio

Forgotten Vengeance


Book 2

By: M.R. Forbes

Performed by: R.C. Bray

Released: November 17, 2020

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 08 hr, 52 min

The enemy is coming. The enemy is already here.

For years they’ve prepared, plotted, and planned. For years they’ve waited to strike from above and below.

Earth is under siege. The enemy covers the landscape. Proxima is unharmed. But that’s about to change.

No armies can stop this menace, and no defenses can slow the advance. We are scattered and isolated. We are ignorant and weak. No help is coming. No help remains…or does it?

Old heroes will sacrifice everything. New heroes will rise.



M.R. Forbes



R.C. Bray

From Outer Space to the Old West to a Post-Apocalyptic Hellscape, R.C. Bray is an expert guide. He is also a narrator. Bray switches settings and characters as seamlessly as a maturated Humphead Wrasse switches sex and color. No matter the genre, whether it be a story about human kindness and barbarism; a combat veteran’s struggle to cope with life at home; or saving the world armed with only a juice box and a snarky beer can, Bray utilizes his extraordinary range and unique vocal differentiation for each character to confuse publishers into thinking his consistent inability to meet a deadline is not only a good thing, but their idea in the first place. With over one audiobooks narrated, R.C. is the recipient of many industry accolades including the coveted Audie Award for his narration of one of the bestselling audiobooks in history which is no longer available because… money. R.C.’s gorgeous wife, Hope, along with their three beautiful children, Joy, Bliss, and Valor, allow him to continue living with them provided the checks keep coming.