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Kensei: Rebirth of the Sword Saint, Volume 1

Book 2

By: DB King

Performed by: Neil Hellegers

Released: February 01, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 14 hr, 26 min

Contains books one and two of the Kensei series.
Rebirth of the Sword Saint, book 1
The Mage-Emperor has another chance at life. He failed before, he will not fail again. 
An 80-year-old Mage-Emperor is murdered by his closest companions because of his own vanity and thirst for power. He is reborn into a fantasy Japan-like world as a baby. Using his vast knowledge of magic and strategy from his previous life, he aims to become this new world’s most powerful warrior: the Kensei.
Rise of the Sword Saint, book 2
He was once the Mage-Emperor, but now he is Murasaki Jin. vHirata, now safe from the Wendigo, is undergoing significant changes under Jin’s guidance. Jin has brought technological and martial advances unlike anything scene before, all taken from the knowledge of his previous life. But there are enemies lurking in the shadows, and if Jin and his new home are to be prepared, it will require training another become a mage: Toyotoda Ebisu.
Jin will have to take Ebisu into the realm of Magical Beasts so that the boy can find his own bonded monster. But the monster Ebisu finds carries its own secrets.
This reincarnation story features the use of enchanted tattoos crafted from magical beasts, martial arts, empire-building, and light cultivation elements. The main character is hyper-intelligent and hyper-competent.



DB King



Neil Hellegers

Neil Hellegers is an actor and award-winning narrator who lives in Brooklyn, NYC. An ardent Stratfordian, Neil has performed and taught Shakespeare internationally, and has been seen playing bearded professionals on many screens (HOUSE OF CARDS, LAW & ORDER: SVU, MADAM SECRETARY, GOTHAM, et al). He has narrated over 350 titles for numerous publishers, producers and independent authors alike, with a focus on genre and literary fiction. He has a BA in Theater Arts from UPenn in Philadelphia, a MFA in Acting from Trinity Rep, and is a proud member of SAG-AFTRA and PANA.