Kingdoms and Chaos | Podium Audio

King’s Dark Tidings

Kingdoms and Chaos

Book 4

By: Kel Kade

Performed by: Nick Podehl

Released: November 20, 2018

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 16 hr, 23 min

The future of the Ashaiian haven, the newly founded Kingdom of Cael, is anything but secured.
Rezkin must seek recognition from the King of Gendishen if his people are to maintain possession of their island home and the enchanted secret it contains.
In an unexpected twist, events overtake Rezkin, and he is thrust into a frustrating adventure to seek a worthless prize. He finds that his carefully constructed reputation as an indomitable foe has consequences as others seek to use his strengths for their own gain. Meanwhile, friends are confronted with too many truths, power and strength might be more than some desire, loyalties and friendships are tested, and at least one of Rezkin’s friends might be headed for a miserable demise.



Kel Kade



Nick Podehl