Legacy | Podium Audio

The Terran Cycle


Book 4

By: Philip C. Quaintrell

Performed by: George Newbern, Tess Irondale

Released: February 19, 2019

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 10 hr, 21 min

And so it ends….
They wiped out humanity’s ancestors. They laid waste to the Terran Empire. They destroyed Earth. Now, they have come to harvest what remains.
The Conclave has been preparing for war, but no one guessed the scale of what waits on the edge of the galaxy.
Humanity’s battle for survival has spread across every world. The planet Evalan shelters the remnants, but too few remain to keep the enemy at bay.
Kalian Gaines can only see one way to win the war. If he chooses that path, will the cost of victory be too high?
With human and alien blood being spilled, Roland North is in his element. Might the fate of humanity rest on the kind of decision a natural-born scoundrel hates to make?



Philip C. Quaintrell

Philip C Quaintrell is a thirty year-old self-proclaimed king of the geeks. He grew up in Manchester and studied nursing in Leicester. After giving six years to the NHS, he finally decided to relieve some of the pressure in his imagination and make it work for him. Into his seventh year of writing, he has just released his tenth book and has no plans to stop any time soon. You can follow him on Instagram: philipcquaintrell.author Facebook: Philip C. Quaintrell



George Newbern



Tess Irondale