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Liches Get Stitches

Liches Get Stitches

Book 1

By: HJ Tolson

Performed by: Ella Lynch

Released: August 02, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 08 hr, 24 min

Evil stirs in the forest of Downing, spreading blight across the ancient boughs.
Busy with troubles of her own, Maud the village witch just wants to be left alone. Peace and quiet should be easy enough when you’re dead, right?
Reborn as a powerful lich, Maud is suddenly faced with the attentions of all the righteous heroes, holy clerics, and nosy neighbours of the realm. Now, instead of whiling away the days in her garden with her cat and her knitting, Maud must figure out how much force is required to crush a man’s spine, the proper storage solution to keep a spoiling cadaver, and how best to display the remains of the fallen for maximum scare.
Liches Get Stitches is a very grisly slice-of-life progression fantasy featuring people mulch, head bouquets, revenant geese, and some very deadly embroidery. Undead paradise never looked so good.



HJ Tolson



Ella Lynch