Long Shot | Podium Audio

Taking the Shot

Long Shot

Book 1

By: MJ Fields

Performed by: Avery Caris, Duncan Cole

Released: December 19, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 07 hr, 43 min

Before my junior year at Lincoln University, I promised myself three things. Just three.
One: Actually dig into the whole sorority girl bit.
Two: Stay away from athletes.
Three: Seriously, stay away from athletes.
When Professor Taylor posted our chem midterm partners, and I got stuck with the captain of Lincoln’s Ice Hockey team, I was sure I’d be able to abide by rules two and three. After all, I was immune to Leo’s whole "hottest guy on campus" thing. I grew up with him—my brother’s best friend… Who I’ve been obsessed with since I was eight._ _F me.
Senior year. Captain of the hockey team, already engaged to the NHL with the perfect union months away. My whole life mapped out ahead of me. All my dreams have come true—Except for the one with Eleanor Rhodes.
That one’s reoccurring, starring her in nothing but my number and that perfect little blush that shows up every time she looks at me. No biggie. I’ve worked that one out… In the shower, numerous times. 
I never had a reason to get any closer than her Instagram until Professor Taylor assigned us as chem partners. The one girl on campus who shouldn’t be on my radar, yet she somehow seems to be the only one.



MJ Fields



Avery Caris



Duncan Cole